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That's the goal: figure out how people conceptualize their tasks, and then design the software to work that way.

Health InfoDesign is a user experience consultancy dedicated to simplifying online experiences.

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Mobile Apps

iKnowMed Gen 2 Mobile

Design Brief

Create an MVP mobile product that would allow oncologists to access the electronic medical record. Oncologists were interviewed to determine the most common scenarios encountered while out of the office and the app was designed to address the top 5 needs. Prototypes were built and validated with a steering committee.


The development team was engaged to build the MVP with an eye toward creating a solid foundation. The beta version was tested and refined based on early feedback. App store approval pending.

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Mobile Service Advisor (ServiceTab™)

Design Brief

Automotive service dealers wanted to cut down on the time it took for service advisors to check in customers. It was decided that an Andriod tablet application would allow the advisors to greet customers outside, get their information, upsell any additional services, and get the customer on their way without needing a trip back to the advisor's desk. A secondary function was to make it easy for advisors to check on repair status so they could answer the "is my car ready?" questions.


ServiceTab™ fulfilled the promise to make advisors more mobile. Appointment show rates have been improved, while labor hours have been reduced. Overall the product has been a great success.

Product Video

Medical Projects

McKesson - following acquisition of US Oncology by McKesson, worked with product management team to develop "iKnowMed Generation 2" with all core Oncology EMR features. iKnowMed Generation 2 was voted one of the "10 Best Designs in Medical Software"

US Oncology - long term consulting contract to enhance legacy EMR app with new features, including physician order entry, chemotherapy regimen ordering, clinical messaging, worklist queues, eRx, and advance medical history visualization. Created "vision demo" for validation by oncologist customers. It became the #1 Ranked Oncology-Hematology EHR according to Black Book Rankings for 2012, 2013 and 2014, receiving “overwhelming satisfaction” rankings in all 18 key performance areas.

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) - several engagements with the breast cancer specialists, including initial design of, a service for women with breast cancer to find matching clinical trials.

First DataBank (FDB) - Initial design for medical device database app. Proof of concept was funded for eventual development by FDB.

Genetech - departmental intranet improvements and redesign of in-house system for tracking FDA-regulated system changes.

Medidata - design of a clinical trial protocol authoring system that captured protocol data in structure for later analysis and error checking.

Other Work

Strava - Interaction design for consumer cycling and running applications. Information architecture on existing cycling site. Prototype and testing of new running site.

Xtime - Redesign and additional features for legacy dealer service app. Interaction design of consumer web and iPhone apps. Design of new mobile service advisor app. (see Mobile section above)

Amici LLC (now Xerox Litigation Services - Redesign of legacy eDiscovery app; wireframe & usability testing.

Intuit - Redesign of QuickBooks help system.

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